Jean Pisani-Ferry, Jeromin Zettelmeyer 13 June 2019

The publication in 2017 of joint proposals for reforming the euro area by a group of seven French and seven German economists triggered a considerable debate on Vox. This volume offers a selection of the contributions to this debate together with a summary of the original proposal. 

Patrick Bolton, Stephen Cecchetti, Jean-Pierre Danthine, Xavier Vives 03 June 2019

This first report in a new series from IESE Business School and CEPR on ‘The Future of Banking’ tackles three important areas of post-crisis regulatory reform: the Basel III agreement on capital, liquidity and leverage requirements; resolution procedures to end ‘too big to fail’; and the expanded role of central banks with a financial stability remit.

Meredith A. Crowley 30 May 2019

This eBook sheds light on the origins of the Sino-American economic conflict, the current impacts of the conflict on economic activity around the world, and the likely consequences for the future of globalisation.

Antonio Fatás 05 March 2019

The promise of radical changes arising from cryptocurrencies and an array of new technologies in financial markets (fintech) has been met with excitement but also a good dose of scepticism. This eBook brings together contributions from members of CEPR's Research and Policy Network on Fintech and Digital Currencies on some of the key areas where changes are becoming more visible.

Stephen Broadberry, Mark Harrison 06 November 2018

World War I formed the 20th century. On the centennial of its end in November 1918, this eBook brings together 20 contributions covering the preparations for, conduct of, and consequences of the war. 

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