Dalia Marin 09 May 2018

What explains Germany‘s exceptional recovery from the sick man of Europe in the 1990s to the powerhouse of today? Based on research of leading economists and political scientists in Europe and the US, this eBook explores the conditions leading to Germany’s rise.

Ramon Marimon, Thomas Cooley 01 May 2018

This eBook provides an overview of the findings and proposals of the Horizon 2020 ADEMU research project (June 2015 to May 2018), which aimed at reassessing the fiscal and monetary framework of the European Economic and Monetary Union in the wake of the euro crisis.

Rabah Arezki, Raouf Boucekkine, Jeffrey Frankel, Mohammed Laksaci, Rick van der Ploeg 24 April 2018

After years of high commodity prices, a new era of lower ones, especially for oil, seems likely to persist. The contributions in this eBook assess the exchange rate, monetary and fiscal options available to policymakers seeking to make their economies less susceptible to the vagaries of commodity markets. 

Robert Shiller, Jonathan D. Ostry, James Benford 16 March 2018

In this eBook leading economists, lawyers, and investors examine the case for issuing GDP-linked bonds, the obstacles to market development, ways of overcoming them, and what such a security might look like in practice.

Sylvester Eijffinger, Donato Masciandaro 12 February 2018

The role of the monetary policy decisions in influencing markets and economies has increased sharply over the past 30 years. This new eBook presents the state of the art of the economics and politics of modern monetary policy governance as a story of two tales which are both parallel and intertwined: on the one side, the tale of how monetary policy decisions are reached; on the other side, the tale of how such decisions can influence the shape of the markets via central banks’ communication policies.

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