9th EBES Conference - Rome

11th January 2013 - 13th January 2013, Rome, Italy

Organizer(s):  Ugur Can

Contact Email:  [email protected]

Event Type:  Conference

Location:  Rome, Italy

Attendance:  Yes

Institution:  EBES (Eurasia Business and Economics Society)

More information:  http://ebesweb.org/Conferences/9th-EBES-Conference-Rome-Italy.aspx

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Topics:  Competition policy Development Education Energy Environment EU institutions EU policies Europe's nations and regions Exchange rates Financial markets Frontiers of economic research Global crisis Global economy Global governance Health economics Industrial organisation Institutions and economics International finance International trade Labour markets Macroeconomic policy Microeconomic regulation Migration Monetary policy Politics and economics Poverty and income inequality Productivity and Innovation Taxation Welfare state and social Europe


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