14 - 14 May 2018 / London / The Imperial College London Business School and the Resolution Foundation, supported by the ESRC

Questions about intergenerational equity have risen up the economic and political agenda in recent years. From why the rapid generation-on-generation incomes gains of the 20th century have ended, to how the market and state should respond to ageing populations, these are some of the biggest challenges facing economists and policy makers across the word. To what extent are these challenges shared across advanced economies, or specific to individual countries? What can we learn about the correct policy framework for addressing these challenges? Leading academics from the UK and US will offer their insight into issues of intergenerational equity, and take part in a series of audience Q&As throughout the day.

The provisional programme can be downloaded here.


15 - 16 May 2018 / Syracuse University (NY, USA) / Syracuse University (NY, USA)

We invite submissions at the intersection or union of institutions, international trade and economic development. Topics could include, but are not limited to, the role of international institutions such as the WTO or the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the impact of domestic economic or political institutions such as property rights or democracy on international trade and/or economic development. The workshop will take place at Syracuse University, NY, USA, May 15th-16th 2018. 

Keynote Speakers: Pol Antràs (Harvard University and CEPR) and Nina Pavcnik (Dartmouth College and CEPR)

Submissions Deadline: February 28th 2018
Email 3 page abstracts/papers with the subject line “InsTED Syracuse Submission” to: [email protected]

The registration fee will be $160.



30 May - 1 June 2018 / Palma de Mallorca (Mallorca) - Spain / EAYE (European Association of Young Economists) - University of the Balearic Islands

We are pleased to announce that the 23rd Spring Meeting of Young Economists (SMYE2018) will take place in Palma (Mallorca, Spain) between 30th May and 1st June 2018. The conference will be hosted by the Applied Economics (DEA) and the Business Economics (DEE) departments of the University of Balearic Islands.

The goal of the conference is to promote the exchange of ideas and experience among young economists conducting research in all fields of economics. More information about our mission can be found on the website of the European Association of Young Economists: http://eaye-smye.blogspot.be/.

datespan1527811200,datespan / Westminster, London / National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR); Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS); UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE)

The housing market has been written about extensively and often in terms of whether it is broken. We aim to bring together a variety of stakeholders with an interest in the dynamics of the (residential) housing market. Hereby we place a clear focus on policy-relevance. Key themes of the workshop encompass:

• The housing market and the macroeconomy;
• The consideration of taxes on the property market;
• The role of rental and social housing;
• The supply side;
• The role and influence of housing finance including macro-prudential instruments.

Full papers should be submitted to Dr. David Nguyen, [email protected] by Friday 30th March 2018. The authors of papers accepted for presentation/publication will be notified shortly after. Only limited funds will be available for travel. Papers will be considered for publication in a Special Issue of the National Institute Economic Review to be published in August 2018.

Details: https://www.niesr.ac.uk/call-papers-1

8 - 9 June 2018 / / University of Bologna

The Workshop is intended to give young economists (at most 35 years old) a chance to meet and discuss their work on Social Economy, and to stimulate interaction with peers and tenured scholars. Theoretical, empirical and experimental papers on topics such as social capital, social norms, cooperative and social enterprises, social preferences, and relational goods are welcome.

Keynote speakers: Werner Güth (Max Planck Institute and LUISS University) and  Giovanni Ponti (LUISS University and Univeristy of Chicago).

The organisation will sponsor the social dinner for the participants and accommodation for the speakers. No fee is required.

March 31th: Deadline for submissions
May 2th: Notification of acceptance

14 - 15 June 2018 / Ancona, Italy / Money and Finance Research Group (MoFiR), together with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and the Università Politecnica delle Marche

The 7th MoFiR Workshop on Banking will be held in Ancona, Italy, at the Università Politecnica delle Marche on June 14-15, 2018.

The organizing committee of this small informal workshop invites submissions of high-quality theoretical and empirical research on financial intermediation. Scholars in the fields of banking and finance will meet to discuss current issues in banking, financial stability, and financial regulation, focusing on policy reforms for a stable global financial environment. The workshop will provide an opportunity for presentations and discussions about policy-relevant research in an informal and highly interactive environment.

The keynote speaker will be George G. Pennacchi (University of Illinois).

Travel and accommodation costs for presenters and invited discussants will be reimbursed for an amount up to EUR 500 for European travelers and EUR 1,200 for overseas travelers.

18 - 19 June 2018 / European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany / European Central Bank

The European Central Bank is holding its tenth Workshop on Forecasting Techniques in Frankfurt am Main on 18 and 19 June 2018.

This biennial conference provides a forum for new theoretical and applied work on forecasting. Macroeconomists today have more – and richer – data at their disposal than ever before. Many of these datasets are not only very large, but also unstructured, not rectangular, or irregularly spaced. Fully tapping the embedded information for forecasters and policymakers requires new methods and tools. This conference will bring together experts from all fields to exchange new ideas on utilising large datasets for macroeconomic and financial forecasting.

Peter Bühlmann (ETH Zürich), Francis X. Diebold (University of Pennsylvania), Serena Ng (Columbia University) and Hal Varian (Google Inc.) have confirmed their participation as invited speakers.

Manuscripts should be submitted as a PDF to [email protected] by 28 February 2018.

9 - 10 July 2018 / Bank of England, London / The National Institute of Economic and Social Research, Warwick University, Centre for Macroeconomics and the Bank of England

We are looking for high quality research papers that may help to guide monetary, and micro or macro prudential policy. 

Keynote speakers: Seppo Honkapohja (Aalto University School of Business) and Vítor Constâncio (Deputy Governor of the European Central Bank).

Participants should apply with their completed paper (preferred) or abstracts of about 500 words. The deadline for submissions is March 31st 2018. To apply, email: [email protected]

20 - 21 August 2018 / Goethe University Frankfurt / Central Bank Research Association (CEBRA) and the Research Center SAFE (Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe) at Goethe University Frankfurt

PLEASE USE THE BELOW LINK FOR A LIST OF TOPICS AND SUBMISSION INFORMATION - contributions are being sought for 20 contributed sessions on a wide range of policy-relevant research topics.
CEBRA’s 2018 Annual Meeting is co-organized by the Research Center SAFE (Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe) at Goethe University Frankfurt. The scientific committee is chaired by Ester Faia and Mirko Wiederholt.
Jens Weidmann, Governor of the Deutsche Bundesbank and Chairman of the Board of the Bank for International Settlements will deliver the keynote speech of the meeting.
The International Monetary Fund will organize a high-level panel on the topic “Financial Conditions, Financial Vulnerability, and Stabilization Policies”
The Deutsche Bundesbank and the Financial Stability Board will organize a high-level panel on the topic “Post-implementation Evaluations of the G20 Financial Regulatory Reforms”.

27 - 28 August 2018 / Sala del Sindaco, Palazzo Orsini, Galatina (Lecce) / Banque de France and Paris School of Economics

Salento Macro Meetings - Call for Papers deadline: 15 April 2018

This workshop aims to bring together research on the management of global recession at times of unconventional monetary policy and limited fiscal space. This includes research on the differential impact of financial and economic crises on households and firms, as well as the existing policies which have been implemented to confront and overcome them. 

The programme committee welcomes submissions of theoretical or empirical papers addressing issues including (but not limited to):

  • Heterogeneity in aggregate demand and supply
  • Monetary-fiscal stabilization and interactions
  • Imperfect information
  • Open-economy dimensions

The following speakers have already confirmed their presence:

Florin Bilbiie (Paris School of Economics)
Sergio Rebelo (Northwestern Kellogg)
Pedro Teles (Catolica Lisbon)
Gianluca Violante (Princeton University)

12 - 13 September 2018 / Rome, Italy / European Center of Sustainable Development , CIT University

European Center of Sustainable Development in collaboration with CIT University will organize the 6th ICSD 2018 Rome, Italy from Wednesday 12 to Thursday 13 September, 2018.

The 6th ICSD 2018 will be an excellent opportunity to share your ideas and research findings relevant to the Sustainability Science, through the European network of academics. Papers will be published in the EJSD Journal (Thomson Reuters) and Proceedings.

The Conference theme is: "Creating a unified foundation for the Sustainable Development: research, practice and education".

datespan1537315200,datespan / London School of Economics / London School of Economics

This one-day conference will bring together researchers and policymakers working on the economic consequences of Brexit. We invite submissions of papers and expressions of interest in attending. We would particularly welcome papers providing empirical evidence on the effects of the Brexit vote on the UK economy and novel studies of the potential future consequences of Brexit.

The conference will take place on September 19 in London and will be hosted by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics. It is part of a series of events funded by the ESRC-sponsored UK in a Changing Europe initiative. The conference is open to attendees who are not presenting papers.

Submissions, requests for funding from PhD students and expressions of interest in attending the conference should be sent to [email protected] by May 18, 2018. Preliminary drafts of papers are welcome.

16 - 16 November 2018 / San Francisco / Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Center for Pacific Basin Studies is pleased to announce its 2018 Pacific Basin Research Conference, to be held on November 16, 2018 at the FRBSF. The organizing committee invites the submission of research papers focused on both theoretical and empirical topics in open-economy macro and international finance. Direct application to economic and policy issues in the Pacific Basin is welcomed, but not required.

• International spillovers in monetary policy
• Macro-prudential issues
• Effects of globalization and trade policy
• International banking
• Cost and benefits of financial openness
• Growth prospects in Asia and the rest of the global economy
• Structural transformation in China and impact on the global economy
• Chinese policy reforms
• Japanese economic policy
• Demographic issues in Asia and the global economy

Submissions should be sent in PDF format to [email protected] by June 15, 2018.


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