22 - 23 August 2022 / Palais Coburg, Vienna, Austria / WU Vienna University of Economics and Business Research Institute for Capital Markets (ISK)

The WU Research Institute for Capital Markets (ISK) will organize the annual Vienna Symposium on Foreign Exchange Markets from August 22-23, 2022 in Vienna at Palais Coburg.

We currently expect that a residential conference format will be possible in August. To alleviate health concerns and broaden the audience, we will also offer remote-participation alternatives.

We welcome papers on FX risk premia, FX strategies, FX valuation, FX and monetary policy, Emerging Market currencies, currency pegs, FX regimes, FX and business cycle, and related topics.

Deadline for submission is March 1, 2022.

23 - 25 August 2022 / Online /

Call for Papers - Deadline: 6 May 2022 (Friday)
China Economics Summer Institute (CESI)
23-25 August 2021, Tsinghua University


The 15th China Economics Summer Institute (CESI) will be held online between 23-25 August 2022 by Tsinghua University. The objective of CESI is to create a network and community of top level scholars working on Chinese economic development (working papers of previous CESI available at This initiative is currently co-sponsored by the Chinese University of Hong Kong-Tsinghua University Joint Research Center for Chinese Economy, the Institute for Emerging Market Studies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University, the Stanford King Center on Global Development at Stanford University, and the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University. The Summer Institute is organized in collaboration with the BREAD, NBER and CEPR networks of academic economists.


This call invites you to submit a paper or express your interest in attending the above Summer Institute, which will be hosted online this year by Tsinghua University, during 23-25 August 2022. The workshop intends to bring together the best scholars working on China in China, the US and Europe with other top level scholars who have an interest in working on China in the future. We welcome applications not only from those who want to present their research on China but also from anybody who has an interest in doing serious economic research on China and would like to use the workshop as means of exploring this possibility.


During the workshop for a period of three days, there will be seminar presentations. Senior scholars who will attend will be available for consultations with junior scholars. Afternoon sessions will give the opportunity to a select group of young scholars and Ph.D students to present their work.


The scientific committee of the China Economics Summer Institute is composed of Chong-En Bai, Ruixue Jia, Amber Li, Hongbin Li, Ernest Liu, Yi Lu, Albert Park, Gérard Roland, Zheng (Michael) Song, Heiwai Tang, Daniel Xu, Xiaobo Zhang, Yifan Zhang, and Li-An Zhou. The committee is co-chaired by Ruixue Jia and Michael Song.


Please register online ( for possible presentation at the meeting or expressions of interest in attending the meeting by 6 May 2022 (Friday).


If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours sincerely,

China Economics Summer Institute (CESI)


Email: [email protected]

29 - 31 August 2022 / Barcelona Spain / Central Bank Research Association (CEBRA)

The Annual Meeting will take place in person at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Ciutadella Campus, Barcelona, Spain, and is co-organized by Banco de Espana, the Barcelona School of Economics (BSE) and the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research “Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe” (SAFE).

The Call for Papers can be found here:

Submissions deadline: April 1st, 2022 via the submissions portal

For further information please visit

7 - 8 September 2022 / Roma Eventi, Congress Center, Pontificia Università Gregoriana Rome, Italy / European Center of Sustainable Development , CIT University

European Center of Sustainable Development in collaboration with Canadian Institute of Technology will organize the 10th ICSD 2022 International Conference on Sustainable Development, with particular focus on Environmental, Economic and Socio-Cultural Sustainability.

The Conference theme : "Creating a unified foundation for the Sustainable Development: research, practice and education".

Papers will be published in Open Access EJSD Journal (Web of Science) and Proceedings.
For further information, please see the call for papers at

The 10th ICSD 2022 will be an excellent opportunity to share your ideas and research findings relevant to the Sustainability Science, through the European network of academics.

11 - 14 September 2022 / Basel University / Verein fue Socialpolitik/Basel University

Call for Papers on all economic topics: February 1 - March 1, 2022
Registration starts on 1 May 2022.

The Annual Conference of the Verein fuer Socialpolitik consists of an Open Meeting with mixed topics and of a core conference with invited lectures concerning “Big Data”. Presentations and Organised Sessions for the Open Meeting may be submitted from all fields of economics.

The submissions will be evaluated by anonymous reviewers and then selected by the programme commission. A decision by the commission can be expected by the mid-May 2022.

12 - 13 September 2022 / Geneva / The Graduate Institute, Geneva; The University of Geneva; The University of Lausanne and EPFL

The conference aims to promote a meaningful discussion among economists of diverse backgrounds, with a focus on a fair representation of all voices in our community. The conference strives to provide a safe space for discussion and exchange of ideas.

Keynote speeches will be delivered by Prof. Lakshmi Iyer (University of Notre Dame) and Prof. Alejandra Ramos (Trinity College Dublin). The conference will feature a public roundtable on "The Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic and Subsequent Countermeasures on Minorities in Academia", gathering perspectives from both faculty members and students.

Ph.D. candidates and postdoctoral researchers in ALL FIELDS are invited to submit a full paper by May 29, 2022.

16 - 17 September 2022 / Cambridge, UK /

The Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF) welcomes submissions for its 2022 Corporate Finance Theory Symposium to be held in Cambridge on 16 and 17 September 2022 in a hybrid format (unless otherwise notified). We anticipate that all the speakers, discussants and the keynote speaker will be present in person, Covid-permitting. The symposium covers all areas of theoretical corporate finance, including theory papers that combine corporate finance theory with a related area such as banking, market micro-structure, asset pricing, and financial accounting.

The format of the 2022 symposium will be similar in nature to previous years’ editions (Previous Conferences).  We expect to have about 8 papers (each with a discussant) and one keynote speech. The presentations will be also made available online (via Zoom Webinar).

The Keynote speaker for the 2022 Cambridge Corporate Finance Theory Symposium is Professor Josef Zechner (Vienna Graduate School of Finance and CEPR).

Please submit your paper (in pdf format) by clicking the following link:

Electronic Submission Form

Please read carefully before submitting your paper: Further Information and Requirements

The paper’s cover page must include: a title, abstract, authors' names and affiliations, and the email address of the corresponding author.

The deadline for submissions is 25 February 2022. The submitted paper must not have been accepted (or conditionally accepted) at a journal at the time of submission.

Conference Organisers:  Bart Lambrecht (CERFCambridge Judge Business School and CEPR) and Victoria Vanasco (CREI, UPF, Barcelona School of Economics and CEPR).

The event is in collaboration with the CEPR.

Email: [email protected] 

Programme Committee:






CREI, UPF, Barcelona School of Economics and CEPR



Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business



Washington University in St. Louis and CEPR






University of Cambridge



UCLA Anderson School of Management



UVA Darden School of Business






University of Mannheim



The University of Texas at Dallas, Naveen Jindal School of Management


Segura Velez

Bank of Italy



University of Vienna



University of Toronto and CEPR



Tsinghua University



University of Bonn and CEPR



University of Pennsylvania ·



Simon Business School; University of Rochester

20 - 21 September 2022 / Seville, Spain / DG ECFIN is co-organising with the JRC

The Annual Research Conference 2022, co-organised by DG ECFIN and the JRC (European Commission), is themed ‘How to turn green in the European way? Keeping the cutting edge while remaining fair and social’.
The Conference brings together leading economic scholars and policy practitioners to discuss cutting-edge research addressing Europe’s economic policy challenges.

Research presented at the conference shall contribute to:

  • Design appropriate policies and instruments that incentivise a green transition
  • Change production and consumption patterns
  • Engineer the necessary private and public investment/technological transformation (define its timing and size without overburdening balance sheets)
  • Bring about the necessary innovation and human capital accumulation.

Towards achieving the goal of creating a platform that enables exchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge on economics and linked sciences between and amongst researchers, scholars and policymakers, there will be a poster session at the conference for early career researchers.


Deadline for extended abstract submission: 15 May 2022

12 - 12 November 2022 / Amsterdam, Netherlands /

The Event

This is the second edition of an annual conference series on the Political Economy of Finance. The series is an initiative of PolEconFin, a platform for researchers active in the political economy of finance.

This second edition will be dedicated to the intersection between political institutions, central banks, and the real sector.

The academic programme will consist of six papers with discussants and also feature a keynote lecture by:

Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley and CEPR

Questions regarding central banks’ independence and their mandates have repeatedly drawn renewed interest, first in the context of legacy issues in financial crises, the COVID-19 shock and the world climate emergency. This concerns both their role as supervisors and monetary policy authorities. At the same time, technological evolution in finance also challenges the modus operandi of central banks. These broad questions have major political economy implications. The organising committee invites submissions of theoretical and empirical papers on these issues. Topics of interest for the conference include:

• The politics of central bank independence
• Central bank power and COVID-19
• Economists’ capture and central bank research
• Private interests, lobbying, and central bank capture
• Democratic institutions and the design of monetary and financial authorities
• The (political) role of central banks in climate change
• Political consequences of central bank policies
• Independence and accountability in the conduct of monetary and financial policies
• Central bank’s mandate and governance problems
• Political economy aspects of central bank digital currencies
• Political challenges in regulating FinTech
• Financial repression and debt


The submission deadline is Sunday 29 May 2022 (6PM BST).

Authors who are CEPR affiliated or already have a CEPR profile can upload their submission by:
1) Going to and log in to the CEPR portal
2) If you are a member of the POE programme area click on "Change registration details", complete the requested information and click "Submit information"
3) If you are affiliated to another programme area or not CEPR affiliated but have a CEPR profile, click on "Step 1: Apply" and complete the requested information and click "Register"

Authors who do not have a CEPR profile can upload their submission by:
1) Creating a new profile here  
2) Go to and log in to the CEPR portal
3) Click on "Step 1: Apply" and complete the requested information and click "Register"

If you have any difficulties registering for this meeting, please contact Mandy Chan ([email protected]) for assistance (with subject header “CEPR Conference Political Economy of Central Banks”). There is no submission fee. The authors will be notified about the acceptance of papers in August 2022.

Further information

The conference will be held at the University of Amsterdam in a hybrid format allowing for both physical and online participation. The conference is scheduled on Saturday 12 November 2022 and followed by a dinner with all participants. Depending on sanitary constraints at the time of the meeting, the conference may be held entirely online.

Organising committee:

• Thomas Lambert, Erasmus University Rotterdam
• Enrico Perotti, University of Amsterdam and CEPR
• Magdalena Rola-Janicka, Tilburg University

Programme committee:

• Jean-Edouard Colliard, HEC Paris and CEPR
• Dana Foarta, Stanford University and CEPR
• Hans Gersbach, ETH Zurich and CEPR
• Rainer Haselmann, Goethe University Frankfurt and CEPR
• Deniz Igan, Bank for International Settlements and CEPR
• Elisabeth Kempf, University of Chicago and CEPR
• Kris James Mitchener, Santa Clara University and CEPR
• Alessandro Riboni, Ecole Polytechnique and CEPR
• Martin Schmalz, University of Oxford and CEPR
• Christoph Trebesch, Kiel University and CEPR


Conference website: 

Email: [email protected]

5 - 7 December 2022 / Geneva, Switzerland / World Trade Organization - WTO Gender Research Hub and WTO Trade and Gender Unit

The WTO Gender Research Hub has issued a call for papers for the first edition of the World Trade Congress on Gender entitled “Gender Equality for Sustainable Trade and Recovery.” The Congress, which will take place on 5-7 December 2022 at the WTO, is part of the research agenda undertaken by the WTO Gender Research Hub and the WTO Trade and Gender Unit. Selected applicants will have the opportunity to present their work to a global audience and to join a research network supporting trade and gender work at the WTO.
The Congress will provide a platform to draw attention to the findings of published or soon-to-be published research conducted by trade and gender experts and aims to promote innovative research in this field. Submissions are open for both members and non-members of the Hub.

The theme of the Congress is intended to highlight the trade and gender issues related to the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. It also provides an opportunity to deepen understanding of how women's empowerment can help countries overcome future crises, whether environmental, financial or food security related — and how trade can contribute to this. The Hub further invites participants to reflect on the extent to which trade can accelerate recovery and help rebuild a gender-responsive economic environment after crises.

The Congress Committee welcomes proposals on the following sub-themes, among others:

• Trade, gender and sustainable development
• Trade, employment and gender
• Trade, foreign investment and gender
• Trade, COVID-19 and gender
• Trade, gender and standards
• Gender, trade facilitation and crises
• Gender, infrastructure and crises
• Aid for trade, gender and recovery
• Role of the WTO and trade to promote gender equality in crises
• Role of women in trade during crises
• Role of free trade agreements for an inclusive solution to crises
• Trade, women entrepreneurs and recovery
• Trade, gender and innovation

Applicants are invited to submit a detailed abstract defining their research questions, methodological approach, and outcomes. The abstract should mention where the research has been published. If the paper has not yet been published, the abstracts must include sufficient detail to provide a sufficient understanding of the work expected in the final paper.

Applications should be submitted to [email protected] with the subject “WTCG — Call for Papers” by 1 July 2022.

Selected applicants will be notified at the latest by 1 September 2022.
The Congress will be a public event open to academics, students, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, and delegations of WTO members.

7 - 7 December 2022 / Prague / European Commission and Czech Presidency of the EU

Conference on the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Single Market

7 December 2022, Prague

Call for papers


The Czech Presidency of the EU and the European Commission’s Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs will organise a Conference on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Single Market.

The conference will be held in person in Prague, Czech Republic, and virtually in a hybrid format. It will bring together top researchers from academia and policy makers from EU and national institutions to present research findings and policy insights related to the Single Market.

Topics of interest for the contributing papers include:

  1. Integration in the single market
    • Long-term trends in integration, along the four dimensions of goods, services, labour, capital; with a focus on major milestones and future outlook.
    • Opportunities and challenges to further integration, including forward looking topics (potential of further integration in services; impact of removing specific restrictions; impact of digitalisation.
    • New, enlarged concept of enforcement: beyond remedial (infringement proceedings), also preventive (notifications) and collaborative (Single Market Enforcement Taskforce – SMET)/package meetings, instruments.
    • Productivity, market size and product differentiation.
    • Distributional and labour market effects of integration (income and purchasing power; wages and mobility).
  2. The external dimension of the single market
    • International value chains and open strategic autonomy: what role for the single market?
    • Assessing the changing weight of the single market in the global economy: attractiveness, competitiveness, model and standard-setter for the world.
    • Crisis management through single market and resilience to external shocks.

Application process

Authors interested in presenting their research should submit their papers to [email protected]. The deadline for submissions is Monday, September 26, 2022. Authors of accepted papers will be notified of acceptance by Friday, October 28, 2022. Presenters should plan to present in person. All papers presented at the conference will be posted on the websites of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs.

More information

Further information: should you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. In-person attendees will need to follow any relevant COVID-19 protocols for entry in place at the time of the conference.

8 - 10 December 2022 / The University of Tokyo, Japan / Asian and Australasian Society of Labour Economics (AASLE)

The AASLE 2022 will be hosted by University of Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan on 8-10 December 2022. The three-day conference includes parallel sessions, panels, job market sessions, as well as keynote and invited lectures by Professors Joseph Zweimueller (University of Zurich, Bob Gregory Lecture), Katrine Løken (Norwegian School of Economics, Keynote Lecture), Chao Fu (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Attila Lindner (University College London), Albert Park (Asian Development Bank) and Barbara Petrongolo (University of Oxford).

We invite submissions on any topic related to labour and applied economics, by 17th July 2022. All presented papers will have the opportunity to be submitted to a special conference issue of Labour Economics.

6 - 7 March 2023 / Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences, Duisburger Straße 100, 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany / Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences

The Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences announced the first conference on
"AI in Business and Economics - The Economic Perspective on Artificial Intelligence (EPEAI)".
It will take place on March 6 and 7, 2023 at the Mülheim an der Ruhr campus and online at the same time (hybrid).
Abstracts can be submitted until 30 September 2022.

Our website:
Call for Papers:

AI technology is progressing worldwide. The aim of the interdisciplinary conference is to analyse and evaluate the economic drivers and consequences of the diffusion of AI for companies, users and society.
The conference offers various tracks and opportunities for exchange and discussion.
Accepted, presented and revised contributions will be published in the conference proceedings by a reputable publisher.

Important dates and deadlines
• Submission of abstracts: 30 September 2022
• Notification of acceptance of abstracts: 31 October 2022
• Start of registration: 01 November 2022
• Early bird fee: 31 December 2022
• Submission of conference paper: 31 January 2023
• Conference: 06-07 March 2023
• Contribution of the revised paper: 30 April 2023

• Micro- and Macroeconomic Framework: Diffusion and Competition, Productivity and Labour Markets, Ethics and Regulation of AI.
• Entrepreneurship and AI-driven Business Models and Strategies.
• Managing AI: KPIs and Digital Transformation.
• AI in Business Administration and Processes, e.g. Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Human Resources, Production and Quality Management.
• AI-driven Marketing.
• Open session: The Long-Term View


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