The Great Trade Collapse: Causes, Consequences and Prospects

Richard Baldwin, 27 November 2009



Edited by Richard Baldwin

Published 27 November 2009

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Introduction: The great trade collapse: what caused it and what does it mean?
Richard Baldwin


1.The dollar and the budget deficit
C. Fred Bergsten

2. Prospects for the global trading system
Anne O. Krueger

3. Global trade in the aftermath of the global crisis
Jeffry Frieden

4. Government policies and the collapse in trade during the Great Depression
Kevin H. O’Rourke

5. Crisis-era protectionism one year after the Washington G20 meeting
Simon J. Evenett

6. The great trade collapse and trade imbalances
Richard Baldwin and Daria Taglioni


7. The trade response to global downturns
Caroline Freund

8. The collapse of US trade: in search of the smoking gun
Andrei A. Levchenko, Logan T. Lewis and Linda L. Tesar

9. The collapse of global trade: update on the role of vertical linkages
Rudolfs Bems, Robert C. Johnson and Kei-Mu Yi

10. Follow the bouncing ball – trade and the great recession redux
Joseph F. Francois and Julia Woerz

11. Resilient to the crisis? Global supply chains and trade flows
Carlo Altomonte and Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano

12. The Great Synchronisation: tracking the trade collapse with high-frequency data
Joaquim Oliveira Martins and Sónia Araújo

13. Banking crises and exports: lessons from the past for the recent trade collapse
Leonardo Iacovone and Veronika Zavacka

14. Did trade credit problems deepen the great trade collapse?
Jesse Mora and William Powers

15. US trade margins during the 2008 crisis
Peter K. Schott

16. French exporters and the global crisis
Lionel Fontagné and Guillaume Gaulier

17. Services trade – the collapse that wasn’t
Ingo Borchert and Aaditya Mattoo

18. The role of trade costs in the great trade collapse
David S. Jacks, Christopher M. Meissner and Dennis Novy


19. Transmission of the global recession through US trade
Michael J. Ferrantino and Aimee Larsen

20. Africa and the trade crisis
Peter Draper and Gilberto Biacuana

21. Africa, the trade crisis and WTO negotiations
Tonia Kandiero and Léonce Ndikumana

22. Trade collapse and international supply chains: Japanese evidence
Kiyoyasu Tanaka

23. Why was Japan’s trade hit so much harder?
Ryuhei Wakasugi

24. The Great Recession and India’s trade collapse
Rajiv Kumar and Dony Alex

25. Mexico and the great trade collapse
Raymond Robertson


Topics:  Global crisis International trade


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