How do I add a comment?

Adding a comment

To comment on an article, you must set up a Vox account. Commentors must include their real name and professional affliation in the comment. We reserve the right to not post comments.

Once you are logged into your Vox account, you submit a comment by clicking 'Post a comment' at the bottom of the article. If 'Log in to post a comment' appears, follow the logging in procedure.

The comment editing box will then open up, allowing you to enter a subject for your comment, and then the comment itself in the box below.


Once you have entered your comment, click on 'Preview comment' and you will be shown how your comment will appear.

If you wish to change your comment, edit it in the 'Comment' box and click on 'Preview' again. If you are happy with it, click on 'Post comment' to submit it to the Editors.


Replying to an existing comment

If you wish to reply to an existing comment, you again need to be logged on to your Vox account. You can then click on 'Reply' to the bottom right of the existing comment, which will take you through to comment editing.

 Enter the comment as per the instructions above, and once you have approved the comment it will appear below the comment you replied to.