How do I add a tag?

Why add tags?

The editors assign topics to each Vox article, but you may think the article is really about something else. By adding tags to an article, users help other users decide what is really important in an article, and help them find all the articles on, for example, the EU Summit, or Corporate Governance.
How do I add a tag?

To add a tag to an article, you need to set up a Vox account.

When you are logged into your Vox account and you view an article, you will see two tabs at the top: 'View' which displays the full article, and 'Tags' which displays the tags attached to the article and allows you to add new tags.

To add a tag, enter it in the box under 'My tags' and click 'Add'. If the tag that you enter appears in a drop down list below the box, it is already in use for another article. To add it to the current article, simply select it and click 'Add'.

Once you have added a tag, it will appear next to the existing tags at the bottom of the article.