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Itzhak Ben-David, 05 March 2021

Anti-pollution laws penalise firms whose activities emit CO2. Itzhak Ben-David tells Tim Phillips that well-intentioned regulation may be causing multinationals to shunt polluting activities to poorer countries where regulation isn’t so strict.

Simeon Djankov, Ugo Panizza, 23 February 2021

Africa’s citizens have so far mostly been spared the direct health consequences of the pandemic, but many of its economies are on life support. Ugo Panizza and Simeon Djankov, two of the editors of a new CEPR ebook about Africa's recovery, talk to Tim Phillips about post-Covid debt, FDI, food security, and how it's in all our interests to step up and help.
Download the free eBook, Shaping Africa’s Post-Covid Recovery, here.

Mark Schankerman, 19 February 2021

Diffusion of new drugs is painfully slow in low-income countries. Mark Schankerman tells Tim Phillips about how patent pools accelerate the process, and how we could still do a better job of licensing life-saving medicines.

Christian Bluth, 10 February 2021

Christian Bluth, author of a new CEPR Press eBook on Europe's trade strategy, tells Tim Phillips that nations are increasingly using global trade as a means of political arm-twisting. Should the EU do the same?

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Sarah Smith, 05 February 2021

Serious illness can be life-changing. Does it inspire us to be more charitable? Sarah Smith tells Tim Phillips whether we give more to charity after we suffer, to which charities - and what this means for their funding after Covid-19.

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