Eric French, 25 October 2019

How much is spent on end-of-life care, and who foots the bill? Eric French of UCL tells Tim Phillips about the total cost of the last year of our lives, and how different countries have very different ideas of who should pay it.

Read about the research at here, and download the VoxEU book about the economics behind ageing, Live Long and Prosper? The Economics of Ageing Populations.

Eric French, John Jones, Elaine Kelly, Jeremy McCauley, 22 September 2019

Caring for those at the ends of their lives can be expensive for both governments and households. Long-term care may impose additional costs, particularly when decedents are older or suffer from disabling chronic conditions.  This column shows that in most developed countries, including the US, end-of-life expenses only constitute around 10% of aggregate medical spending,and that such expenditures on formal medical services are reasonably well-insured. The extent of insurance for long-term care, on the other hand, varies substantially.

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