Daniel Gros, Stefano Micossi, 25 June 2007

Much of the substance of the Constitutional Treaty has been preserved, but since this is clear only to the initiated, it comes at a cost of considerably reduced transparency. And this is not complete; expect more Treaty revisions before all of the provisions of this one have been implemented.

Daniel Gros, Mika Widgrén, Sebastian Kurpas, 20 June 2007

The Polish proposal on Council voting is not that far from the rules in the Constitution that the German Presidency is pushing. Does it still make sense to declare “square root or death”? How about “square root and compromise”?

Richard Baldwin, 13 June 2007

Council voting reform is one change that must be in the new treaty to consider it a success. The impact of Turkish membership on the distribution of power could be the key to choosing from the options for Council voting reform

Richard Baldwin, 09 June 2007

Public debate on the new treaty focuses on marketing issues (re-packing) or extreme generalities (mini-treaty), but there are important choices to be made, and the various reform elements – such as voting rules, the number of Commissioners and removal of the famous Maastricht pillars – interact in complex ways. First in a series of 4 columns on the issue.

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