The COVID pandemic is confronting many firms with existential liquidity and solvency threats. Governments and regulators have swiftly responded, among other things, with credit guarantees and moratoria. Measures have evolved from the first to the second wave of the pandemic. This workshop brings together policy makers, credit guarantee banks, retail banks, corporate sector representatives, credit monitoring agencies, economic think tanks and academic researchers to (1) discuss and compare experiences and best practices, (2) identify short-term challenges and possible solutions, (3) evaluate potential long-term consequences - positive and negative - from such schemes (4) derive policy conclusions, also with a view to incentivizing structural change to the post-COVID economic environment.

Natasha Agarwal, Magnus Lodefalk, Majken Stenberg, Aili Tang, Sofia Tano, Zheng Wang, 11 December 2019

Export credit guarantees turned 100 this year, yet they have been sparsely studied. This column examines the causal effects of export credit guarantees on firm performance. It concludes by considering whether the provision of guarantees should be rebalanced in favour of small and medium-sized enterprises and by calling for governments to urgently integrate all major countries into a regulated system for export credit guarantees.


CEPR Policy Research