David Edgerton, 08 May 2020

On the 75 anniversary of the VE Day, David Edgerton tells Tim Phillips that Britain's belief in its go-it-alone scientific and inventive genius is “deluded”, and has stunted the nation's postwar growth.
Download The Economics of the Second World War Seventy-Five Years On, featuring David's chapter.

Stephen Broadberry, Mark Harrison, 04 May 2020

WWII was the last time that Western societies were mobilised for an all-consuming conflict that demanded years of sacrifice and service from every citizen and every family. Such watershed moments are sometimes neglected in economics. This column presents a new VoxEU eBook that brings together recent research on a range of aspects of the war including the extensive war preparations of the great powers, the conduct of the war – including the management of economic mobilisation, economic warfare, economic exploitation, and the role of economists – and the war’s consequences for demography, inequality, economic recovery, and political attitudes.


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