Coen Teulings, Lans Bovenberg, 11 September 2008

Should the management of a company take account of the interests of its workers, customers, suppliers and shareholders, as in the Rhineland model? Or should the management further only the interest of the shareholders, as in the Anglo-Saxon model? Here’s a one-handed answer.

Richard Freeman, Alex Bryson, 03 September 2008

Shared capitalism schemes, in which workers are given larger financial stakes in their employers, are growing in popularity. This column summarises recent evidence that may explain the growth – shared capitalism seems to boost productivity.

John Budd, 04 September 2008

Shared capitalism aims to motivate employees by giving them a greater financial stake in their companies. Recent research shows that many workers do not know about or understand such plans. How can such plans work if employees don’t know they exist?


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