Diego Comin, 22 February 2022

Which firms were most resilient when Covid-19 devastated their economies? New research highlights the value of investment in digital technologies.

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Cirera, X, Comin, D, Cruz, M, Lee, K and Torres, J. 2022. 'Technology and Resilience'. CEPR

Xavi Cirera, Diego Comin, Marcio Cruz, Kyung Min Lee, 29 November 2020

Understanding how firms use technology in production is key for studying productivity and labour market outcomes. This column introduces a new approach to measure technology adoption at the business function level – the Firm-level Adoption of Technology survey. Using representative data from three countries, it finds a larger variance in technology sophistication within firms compared with across firms, and greater variance across firms than across countries or regions. Furthermore, a development accounting exercise suggests cross-firm technology differences account for one-third of the cross-firm productivity gap. 



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