Charles Wyplosz, 27 January 2009

This column introduces the latest ICMB-CEPR Geneva Report – written this year by Markus Brunnermeier, Andrew Crockett, Charles Goodhart, Avinash Persaud, and Hyun Shin. The report discusses how world leaders should think about financial regulation reform, making a number of specific proposals.

Luigi Zingales, 19 January 2009

This Wednesday Mr Geithner will be confirmed as the new Secretary of Treasury. Never before in US history has this position been so important. Mr Geithner’s decisions in the next few weeks will have a dramatic impact on the length and the depth of this recession and will shape the financial sector for decades to come. This column offers the new arrival a few suggestions.

Hans-Werner Sinn, 17 December 2008

This column says the core of the crisis lies in the legal provisions of limited liability. Europe and the world need stricter rules for financial traffic which are vital for the functioning of the financial capital markets.



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