Richard Pomfret, 22 June 2007

Since 2000, East Asian countries have signed over 70 trade agreements. Is this ‘noodle bowl’ of regional agreements in the world’s most dynamic economic region a threat to the multilateral global trading system and to other regions’ economic prosperity?

Shang-Jin Wei, 16 June 2007

Data on 12,400 firms in 120 Chinese cities show that state-owned firms have lower marginal returns to capital than private or foreign firms. This inefficiency costs China 5% of its GDP and suggests there would be big gains to further financial and corporate-governance reforms.

Jeffrey Frankel, Shang-Jin Wei, 23 April 2007

The authors of CEPR DP6264 analyse the precise nature of China's exchange rate regime from July 2005 to early 2007 and make some surprising discoveries.



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