Rudiger Ahrend, Alexander Lembcke, Abel Schumann, 19 January 2016

A city’s metropolitan governance structure has a critical influence on the quality of life and economic outcomes of its inhabitants. This column quantifies the impact of governance on productivity using data from five OECD countries. Administrative fragmentation, which complicates policy coordination across a city, has a negative effect on individual productivity. This finding, combined with benefits from good governance such as improved transport and lower pollution levels, highlights the importance of well-designed metropolitan authorities.

Henry Overman, Diego Puga, Matthew Turner, 19 April 2007

The industrialised world is getting fatter with the US showing the way. CEPR DP6191 tracks the data of nearly 6,000 people over six years and finds a strong correlation between obeseity and living in an urban-sprawl area; however it finds that this comes from the fact that people who are more likely to be obese are more likely to move to sprawling neighbourhoods.

CEPR Policy Research