The conference will last for a day and a half and we envisage that it will consist of twelve papers with discussants. We are looking for high quality research papers in macroeconomics that may help to guide macroeconomic and/or macroprudential policy. We are particularly interested in models that explore the role of behavioural economics and models of multiple equilibrium. Papers may be theoretical or empirical and preference will be given to papers that are imaginative and in an early stage of development. 

Keynote speakers: James Bullard (President, St Louis Federal Reserve), Andy Haldane (Bank of England) and Michael Woodford (Columbia)

The deadline for paper submissions is 31 March 2017

Leigh Caldwell, 21 January 2009

This column argues responses to the recession should not be based on unrealistic expectations of rational behaviour. It argues that models of bounded rationality provide reasons that traditional macroeconomic policy responses may fall short and suggests more sophisticated solutions that could break the crisis’s psychological hold on markets.


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