Philippe Martin, Thierry Mayer, Mathias Thoenig, 04 July 2007

Using a large dataset of military conflicts, trade created by regional trade agreements is shown to be pacifying, but greater overall openness has the opposite effect. Logically, this means that bilateral trade pacifies bilateral relations, but raises the chance of conflict with third countries.

M. Ayhan Kose, Eswar Prasad, Kenneth Rogoff, Shang-Jin Wei, 19 June 2007

Successful financial globalisation has “collateral benefits” – catalytic, indirect benefits on the domestic financial sector, macroeconomic discipline, and public and corporate governance. This has powerful implications for empirical analysis of its benefits.

Stefan Bach, Giacomo Corneo, Viktor Steiner, 06 June 2007

Detailed data on the complete German income distribution reveal growing inequality, especially at the high end.



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