Peter Draper, 12 August 2007

The EU must finalise trade deals with developing nations by January 2008. Problems abound and EU special interest politics threaten to stand in the way of an outcome supportive to African development needs.

Nathan Nunn, Diego Puga, 06 June 2007

African nations with ‘bad’ terrain suffered less from the slave trade. More than a century after the slave trade ended, the protective benefits of ruggedness still outweigh its contemporary economic disadvantages when it comes to GDP per capita.

Paul Collier, Anthony Venables, 28 May 2007

The authors of CEPR Policy Insight No. 2, argue that OECD nations could help Africa kick-start a development process with trade preferences that allow African manufacturing locations the chance to develop industrial clusters that exceed the minimum-scale threshold – thus allowing them to compete with Asian clusters. Preferences have failed in this task to date but the authors suggest key changes that would give Africa a fighting chance.



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