The Editors, 03 July 2009

This new ebook summarizes the views of leading researchers and trade policy practitioners, who met at a CEPR-World Bank conference to assess the cross-border impact of policy responses to the crisis.

Martin Ravallion, Shaohua Chen, 30 April 2009

Will the financial crisis reverse the trend of declining global poverty? This column estimates that the crisis will add 64 million people to the population living under $2 a day. It predicts that the global poverty rate will fall from 42% to 39% in 2009, while the pre-crisis trajectory would have brought the poverty rate down to 38%.

Biagio Bossone, 14 March 2009

The crisis has revealed many gaps in global economic governance – problems that G20 leaders should address at the London Summit. This column describes a proposal by the “Group of Lecce”, which argues that global economic decision-making should take place within the IMF and World Bank transformed by more responsible, representative, and powerful “Governing Councils”.



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