Markus Brückner, 20 May 2011

Foreign aid has a significant positive effect on real per capita GDP growth in the least developed countries if account is taken of the quantitatively large and negative reverse effect of GDP growth on foreign aid. That is the conclusion of research by Markus Brückner of the University of Adelaide, which he discussed with Romesh Vaitilingam in an interview recorded at the annual congress of the European Economic Association in Glasgow in August 2010. [Also read the transcript.]

Kimberly Elliott, 27 May 2009

The economic crisis is hitting the world’s poorest countries through falling trade and commodity prices. This column argues that the US should respond by further opening its market to exports from small, poor economies. That would not only provide an additional stimulus to those economies but also strengthen US global leadership, give a boost to the Doha Round, and serve broader US national interests by helping to promote political stability in some very shaky parts of the world.


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