Maitreesh Ghatak, Madhav Aney, Massimo Morelli, 18 August 2011

Political economists study how distortions in political access can lead to policies that lead to market failures. The authors of CEPR DP8533 examine the reverse link, mapping out how market failures could create political cleavages which can then amplify the market failure by voting for bad policies.

Gilles Saint-Paul, 26 June 2009

Gilles Saint-Paul of the Toulouse School of Economics talks to Romesh Vaitilingam about his work on the evolution of people’s beliefs about the market economy – how it affects occupational choice; how it is influenced by intellectuals who may be biased against the market economy; and how this all plays out in public debate about economic reform, particularly in France. The interview was recorded at the Royal Economic Society’s annual conference at the University of Surrey in April 2009.


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