Irena Grosfeld, Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, 23 March 2013

History influences the politics of every nation. But how exactly can we measure it? This column presents new research that assesses the influence of empires on Poland’s current political makeup. In particular, the centuries-old partition of Poland continues to influence politics through its long-lasting effects on infrastructure and religion.

Marga Peeters, Loek Groot, 02 August 2011

Fiscal pressure from demographic changes is mounting across the globe. This column asks whether labour markets will create enough jobs. Cross-country comparisons suggest that, until at least 2050, the countries most under pressure will be Poland, Turkey, and Greece.

Barry Eichengreen, Katharina Steiner, 27 October 2008

Assuming that Poland does adopt the euro, will it be able to avoid the boom-bust cycle that has afflicted other economies around the time of euro adoption? The authors of CEPR DP7027 look at the causes of these cycles and ask whether Poland's situation is any different to those of its predecessors. Their conclusions are mixed.

Daniel Gros, Mika Widgrén, Sebastian Kurpas, 20 June 2007

The Polish proposal on Council voting is not that far from the rules in the Constitution that the German Presidency is pushing. Does it still make sense to declare “square root or death”? How about “square root and compromise”?


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