Jeegar Kakkad, Christina Palmou, David Britto, James Browne, 10 July 2021

The Covid pandemic has helped to loosen the binds that previously tied a job to a specific geography and created a new class of work in the UK. ‘Anywhere jobs’ are non-routine service sector jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world, potentially for cheaper. This column shows that one in five workers in the UK are in an anywhere job and, in contrast to the past when the pressure was on semi-skilled workers, it is relatively highly skilled workers in non-routine roles that are now vulnerable to the pressures of technology and globalisation.

Guy Michaels, 26 June 2007

Nowadays, the division of labour has become much more detailed as the production of most goods involves the coordination of a wide range of occupations. At the same time, white collar work involving generating, storing and communicating information has increased in importance in all firms and organizations. The author of DP6358 finds that this more complex division of labour has led to higher costs of processing information and consequently a raised demand for clerical office workers.


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