Roberto Perotti, 14 November 2011

With crisis plaguing the Eurozone and austerity the favoured prescription for diseased EZ economies, some are asking: Can big fiscal consolidations, especially those based on cuts, actually restart growth? CEPR DP8658 examines four episodes of past fiscal consolidations in European countries and evaluates the evidence.

Alberto Alesina, 12 November 2010

Many nations are in the middle of painful fiscal retrenchments. This column presents recent research on the impacts of these policies. It argues that spending cuts are less recessionary than tax increases when deficits are reduced and responds to criticisms of these findings in the recent IMF World Economic Outlook.

Paolo Manasse, 26 July 2010

Are Europe’s budgets cuts too little too late or too much too soon? This column asks how each country’s adjustments compare with the European average. It finds that Germany and the Netherlands are ahead of the pack along with highly indebted nations such as Spain, but Italy is lagging far behind.


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