Jon Danielsson, Ralph Koijen, Roger Laeven, Enrico Perotti, 21 October 2013

Europe is set to finally approve new insurance regulation, Solvency II. This column argues that the final text should respect three fundamental principles to ensure solvency.

Enrico Perotti, Jon Danielsson, Frank de Jong, Christian Laux, Roger Laeven, Mario Wüthrich, 31 March 2011

A delicate regulatory question is under consideration on the capital (reserve) requirements at the heart of Solvency II (the insurance industry equivalent of Basel III), which is scheduled to come into effect by 2013. This decision will have implications for both regulation of insurers and for macroprudential stability. The six authors of this article were invited to discuss the issues and concluded that more public scrutiny over this important question is urgently needed.


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