David Bloom, Michael Kuhn, Klaus Prettner, 20 October 2016

Africa’s total fertility rate and its dependency ratio have been falling since the 1980s, and are projected to fall further. This column looks at the potential growth effects of the continent's changing demography. The African economy has the potential to grow between 0.5 and 2 percentage points faster over the next five decades than it would without the projected fertility reduction. However, this 'demographic dividend' is dependent on the policies that African governments enact.

Shekhar Aiyar, Ashoka Mody, 05 April 2011

When an economy's working-age population rises, so can its growth rate – a result known as the “demographic dividend”. Using state-level data from India, this column finds that its demographic dividend has already been substantial. It played a key role in India's accelerating growth since the 1980s and will add 2% to annual income growth for the next two decades.


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