Evangelos Benos, Anne Wetherilt, Filip Zikes, 02 December 2013

Like all other over-the-counter derivatives markets, the UK credit default swap (CDS) market has traditionally been opaque, and important questions have been largely unanswered: How do UK CDS market participants trade? Who are the main players? And how did they behave during the financial crisis? Based on newly available transactions data, this column gives some first answers to these questions.

Venkatachalam Shunmugam, 09 April 2011

Derivatives markets are a controversial member of the financial-sector family. This column looks at derivatives markets across the world and notes the wide discrepancy in regulatory frameworks. It argues that this calls for the “synergistic coordination” of regulators – first at the national level and then at the global level – to ensure these markets operate efficiently and without imposing excessive risk on the wider economy.


CEPR Policy Research