Jeffrey Schott, 18 July 2008

WTO ministers gather next week to push for a conclusion of the WTO talks that were started in Doha in 2001. This column argues that there is zero chance of a deal in 2008, but proposes a 5-step plan could put the talks on a glide path to a successful landing in 2009 or 2010.

Simon Evenett, 04 September 2007

The WTO negotiations are likely to experience an 18-24 month suspension before, during, and after the US presidential election. This provides a first-rate opportunity to contemplate alternatives to the current set of negotiating proposals. Here are some ideas.

Simon Evenett, 04 September 2007

Nearly six years after the launch of the Doha Round of multilateral trade negotiations there is a pervasive gloom about this initiative's prospects, at least in the near-term. In CEPR Policy Insight 11, Simon Evenett examines why the process of reciprocal trade negotiation, which many credit with being so successful in prior multilateral trade rounds, has run into so much trouble during the current round.

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