Richard Baldwin, 22 June 2007

The rising cost of VAT fraud has forced its way onto the agendas of Europe’s highest levels of government. This final instalment considers the solution that the German Presidency is pushing and argues that this “solution” may cause as many problems as it fixes.

Richard Baldwin, 18 June 2007

Criminals soon learned that the Single Market’s removal of internal border checks made VAT fraud easier and more profitable. The problem was recognised a decade ago and proposals to fix it abound. This instalment considers various solutions to the problem.

Richard Baldwin, 17 June 2007

Tax criminals employ a number of intricate schemes, some of which have been discovered and prosecuted. This third instalment in a five-part series looks at how the schemes work and at estimates of how much they are costing EU governments.

Richard Baldwin, 16 June 2007

EU governments are defrauded of millions of euros a year on intra-EU trade. This second instalment in a five-part series looks why VAT is especially vulnerable at the borders.


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