Friedrich Heinemann, Stefani Weiss, 26 October 2018

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy for the decade ahead is beginning to take shape. This column argues that, as it stands, the policy fails to ensure public goods provision for the EU at large, and the lack of clarity on its payment terms are a concession to pressure from farmers’ lobbies. Without significant changes in the final stages of negotiation, the CAP could become an enormous waste of resources while providing little or no ‘European added value’.

Stefan Tangermann, 10 November 2011

As Europe battles a life-threatening crisis, the European Commission has found time to discuss the much-maligned Common Agricultural Policy. This column, by the former OECD Director for Trade and Agriculture, argues that far from seizing the opportunity to use CAP to benefit fiscal discipline, policymakers are maintaining an outdated and inefficient system for the financial benefit of farmers.

Kym Anderson, Tim Josling, 12 September 2007

Even though the CAP has been heavily reformed over the past 15 years, it continues to support major unproductive sectors of European agriculture. This has helped to frustrate the WTO trade talks and to embarrass the EU’s broader commercial policy agenda.


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