Benny Geys, Friedrich Heinemann, Alexander Kalb, 19 December 2007

Demographic change is old news in many fields (pensions, growth, etc.), but its impact on the economic geography of regions is understudied. Due to scale economies in the provision of public goods, regions with falling populations can experience declines in public amenities that accelerate the population drop. Here is some recent research on German municipalities illustrating problems that may soon face much of Europe.

Andrea Ichino, Guido Schwerdt, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer, Josef Zweimüller, 08 October 2007

Lower fertility rates and longer life expectancy is leading to an older workforce in most industrialized countries. Worries about the implications for pension systems have led to reforms based on increasing the minimum retirement age, but how realistic is it to keep up the employment prospects of an ageing workforce?


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