Werner Eichhorst, Klaus F. Zimmermann, 23 April 2007

Only four instruments have led to positive results in the form of increased integration into the labour market - (i) placement vouchers; (ii) training programmes; (iii) wage subsidies; and (iv) business start-up grants. This translates to only around 28%, or €4.2 billion, of the total expenditure on active labour market policies.

Michael Burda, 17 October 2006

Germany’s government led by Angela Merkel is about to celebrate one year’s existence. The grand coalition is failing because the politicians still don’t agree on the correct solution to Germany’s problems. But this is not all their fault. Germany is a functioning democracy and deserves the leadership and policies it gets.

Michael Burda, 01 March 2006

Written February 2006: the first 100 days of Angela Merkel has been something of a sensation. Yet, with her unheard-of approval rating of 80%, the party hasn’t even started. And it’s a race against time: grand coalitions tend to self-destruct as soon as the low-hanging fruit is gone.

Thiess Buettner, 03 November 2006

Written March 2006: Despite its claim to be ‘sexy but poor’, Berlin’s request for a federal handout was refused by the German Constitutional Court. The tighter conditions on federal assistance should ‘harden’ the Lander budget constraints. If they don’t, Berlin may reappear in the Constitutional Court with fiscal problems so severe that the city is not sexy anymore.



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