Fernando Alexandre, Ana Rute Cardoso, Miguel Portela, Carla Sá, 18 December 2008

Shortening the first cycle in higher education studies is one of the most controversial aspects of the Bologna reforms. Recent research suggests students are voting-with-their-feet in support of this reform as study programs adopting the Bologna principles have seen a rise in demand.

Derek Neal, Diane Schanzenbach, 28 August 2007

New research suggests that the US incentive system built around test scores almost guarantees that academically disadvantaged children do not benefit and may actually be harmed. Policy-makers should take incentive design issues more seriously or follow the lead of many private sector firms and look for other ways to monitor and motivate teachers.

Daniel Gros, 26 January 2006

Written January 2006: What is the key to excellence of a nation’s education system? New data suggest that governmental efficiency is critical. This implies that one cannot just copy educational programmes from one country to another. Programmes that work in highly efficient countries might fail in nations with less efficient public administrations.


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