Andrea Guariso, Thorsten Rogall, 04 April 2017

There is a lively debate about the role of inequality as a trigger of ethnic conflicts. This column reports groundbreaking research into the effect of the amount of regional rainfall on crops, which is used to measure inequality between ethnic groups. Inequality caused by the weather's effect on crops has a large and significant impact on the prevalence of ethnic conflict. This effect is strongest when a lack of rainfall penalises ethnic groups with no access to power. 

Antonio Ciccone, 02 January 2009

Does poverty cause civil conflict? This column presents the latest evidence, which shows that droughts in Sub-Saharan Africa that reduce income raise the likelihood of violence.

Antonio Ciccone, Markus Brückner, 19 November 2007

Between 1945 and 1999, there were around 127 civil conflicts and at least 1000 battles. The authors of CEPR DP6568 examine whether civil wars are partly caused by low economic growth, and whether the effects are significantly weaker in democracies. The results point to an interaction between economic and democratic institutional causes of civil war.


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