Stefanie J. Huber, 19 January 2021

Can private expenditures recover once social distancing restrictions are lifted or will the COVID-19 crisis have a sustained impact on consumer confidence, preferences, and, hence, spending? Steffi Huber (University of Amsterdam) talks to Tim Phillips

You can download Steffi's paper for free from CEPR is issue 59 of Covid Economics Papers: 'Is COVID-19 a consumption game changer? Evidence from a large-scale multi-country survey' (Alexander Hodbod, Cars Hommes, Stefanie J. Huber and Isabelle Salle)

Paolo Surico, Riccardo Trezzi, 22 August 2015

Not much is known about the impact of housing tax hikes on consumer spending for different groups of society. This column shows that in Italy, households with mortgage debt responded to a property tax increase with a decrease in their expenditures, mostly of net vehicles purchases. The short-run direct cost (in the form of forgone consumer spending) of the tax change was small relative to the amount of extra taxes raised, but the overall negative consequences for the car industry were significant.


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