Guido Tabellini, 24 April 2016

In order to preserve financial integration and stability, the Eurozone needs to build elements of a common fiscal policy. This column, first posted 12 February 2016, discusses how this could be done. It proposes the creation of a European Fiscal Institute, modelled on principles similar to those used for the ECB. Such an establishment would require treaty and constitutional reforms in member states, which would not be politically feasible in the short term.

Ángel Ubide, 09 December 2015

The diversity of European economic cycles, economic structures, and political dynamics is a strength of the Eurozone. However, sustainable arrangements are required to distribute risks and ensure that all countries can use fiscal policy to cushion economic downturns. This column proposes the creation of a system of stability bonds for the Eurozone. These could be structured to minimise moral hazard, improve governance, and ensure that fiscal policy can support growth during the next recession.


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