This conference focuses on the core questions facing the insurance industry today, as the sector undergoes changes which will fundamentally transform the behaviour of providers, brokers and consumers alike. Looking at how digital disruption and innovation will impact insurance going forward, this conference explores key themes ranging from how regulators will strike a balance between regulation and modernisation, to the ethics of insurance pricing. In doing so, we consider the wide range of ethical, political and legal considerations which the industry should be aware of. To ensure a varied and lively discussion, the conference will provide the opportunity for delegates to hear from leading figures - in both the industry and the wider policy landscape – allowing a diverse spectrum of views to be considered on a wide range of issues.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019
Stationers’ Hall, London EC4

Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Giacomo Calzolari, Alberto Pozzolo, 01 March 2018

Financial technology companies have spurred innovation in financial services while fostering competition amongst incumbent players. This column argues that although incumbents face rising competitive pressure, they are unlikely to be fully replaced by FinTechs in many of their key functions. Traditional banks will adapt to technological innovations, and the scope for regulatory arbitrage will decline.

Diane Coyle, 08 February 2016

Digital technologies are having dramatic impacts on consumers, businesses, and markets. These developments have reignited the debate over the definition and measurement of common economic statistics such as GDP. This column examines the measurement challenges posed by digital innovation on the economic landscape. It shows how existing approaches are unable to capture certain elements of the consumer surplus created by digital innovation. It further demonstrates how they can misrepresent market-level shifts, leading to false assessments of production and growth.

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