, 28 March 2019

Understanding the Interaction Between Macroeconomics and Innovation Policy

CEPR recently hosted a high-profile policy-orientated conference in London to highlight and discuss key issues emanating from the EU-funded FRAME project, which has developed new DSGE models and empirical evidence in multi-country and multi-sector settings to better understand issues related to monetary and fiscal policy, technological adoption, asset pricing and innovation policy. The conference brought together policymakers and leading academic contributors in these fields such as Philippe Aghion, Ramon Marimon, Reinhilde Veugelers, Dietmar Harhoff and Román Arjona (Chief Economist, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission).

Diego Comin, 04 April 2018

Europe currently faces multiple challenges on economic, demographic, and environmental fronts. All of these can be addressed by innovations in technology and process. This video discusses some of the outcomes of the EU-FRAME mid-term conference, outlining ways in which innovation policy can be designed so as to best serve welfare and productivity across all actors. This conference took place in March 2018 at ZEW, Mannheim.

CEPR is a partner of the FRAME Project, which is coordinated by ZEW. The CEPR team is led by Diego Comin, a Research Fellow in its Macroeconomics and Growth Programme. The FRAME project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the grant agreement No #727073.


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