Silda Nikaj, Joshua J. Miller, John Tauras, 28 July 2016

Progress in adopting smoking bans across the US has been slow, despite a majority of Americans supporting a ban in public places. This column uses aggregate and establishment-level data from Texas to examine the economic effects of smoking bans on bars and restaurants. The results suggest that bars and restaurants are not adversely affected by the adoption of a ban. 

Harald Tauchmann, Silja Göhlmann, Till Requate, Christoph Schmidt, 08 June 2008

Recent results based on a large German micro data set show that tobacco and alcohol are complements. Smoking bans are thus likely to reduce alcohol consumption too, but not by much. One cigarette less per day reduces drinking by 1% of a half-pint of beer. Smoke-free pubs are not in danger of becoming alcohol-free too.

Richard Baldwin, 31 May 2008

Smoking bans are sweeping Europe. New research suggests that these bans reduce smoking amongst those directly affected and their families and peers, creating what could be called a “public health multiplier”.


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