Conducted entirely in English, the 2019 PSE Summer School offers several one-week programs from June 17 to June 28. Each program comprises a full-time mix of lectures, tutorials and workshops, taught by PSE professors and other invited leading scholars.

The PSE Summer School is aimed at professionals, researchers, and graduate students in Economics, in Social Sciences and in Finance.

WEEK 1 : June 17 > June 21:
CLIMATE CHANGE - Impacts, adaptation and political constraints
MACROECONOMICS Analysis and Policy
MICROECONOMETRICS and Policy Evaluation

Week 2: June 24 > June 28:
BOUNDED RATIONALITY AND BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS - Advances in behavioral game theory and decision theory
DEVELOPMENT - Inequality, social interactions, and institutional dynamics
EXPERIMENTAL ECONOMICS - Empirical tools and methods to investigate economic behavior
MIGRATION ECONOMICS - Development impacts of migration and challenges in global labor markets
TRADE - Globalization, firms and trade policies


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