Adam Wagstaff

Research Manager of the Human Development and Public Services team in the Development Research Group, World Bank

Adam Wagstaff is Research Manager of the Human Development and Public Services team in the World Bank’s Development Research Group. He has extensive experience of East Asia, but has also worked on Latin America, South Asia, Africa, Europe and Central Asia, and the OECD countries. He holds a DPhil in economics from the University of York. Before joining the World Bank, he was Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex. He also held research positions at the universities of Aberdeen and York. Adam was Associate Editor of the Journal of Health Economics for 20 years, and is President Elect of the International Health Economics Association.

Adam’s research interests are in public economics and development economics, with health and distributional issues being his main preoccupation. Within health, he has published extensively on inter alia: health financing and health insurance; provider payment reform; equality, equity and poverty; and the demand for and production of health. Outside health, he has published on efficiency measurement, the redistributive effect and sources of progressivity of the personal income tax, and the redistributive effect of economic growth. He also has an interest and has published in the field of bibliometrics.

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