Ana Reynoso

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Michigan

Ana Reynoso is an Assistant Professor of Economics at University of Michigan. She specializes in Labor Economics, Family Economics, Demography, and Economic Development. Most of her research investigates how policy affects marital matching patterns and the gains from marriage for different groups in both developed and developing countries. In one of her latest works, Ana studies how policies that make divorce easier affect who marries whom and the gains from marriage. Her main finding is that in marriage markets in which marital dissolution does not require the consent of both spouses, newlyweds are more similar in terms of education, invest more similarly in their own careers, and make less marital specific investments. In another paper, Ana and coauthors study how the marriage market, family life, and the labor market interact to shape inequality. Ana is also interested in marriage institutions in developing countries, with a focus on polygamous societies. In one of her papers, she develops and test a novel theory of polygamy that incorporates the previoiusly overlooked fact that co-wives interact in a senior-junior hierarchy, and finds that polygamous households are characterized by significant skill inequality between co-wives. Her agenda also studies the impact of teaching practices and school schedules on children’s outcomes. Ana received her PhD in Economics from Yale University in 2018. For her doctoral dissertation, she received the George Timis Prize for Distinguished Dissertation from Yale University.

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