Arna Olafsson

Assistant Professor of Finance, Copenhagen Business School; Research Fellow at the Danish Finance Institute; CEPR Research Affiliate

Arna Olafsson is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Copenhagen Business School, a research fellow at the Danish Finance Institute, a research affiliate at CEPR, and a CEPR Household Finance Network Member. She received her Ph.D. from the Stockholm School of Economics in 2014 and was a visiting student at UC Berkeley 2012-2014. Her main areas of research are household finance, behavioral finance, consumer credit, and labor and finance. She collaborates frequently with firms to obtain experimental evidence that can be merged with observational data. A unifying theme in her research is the application of detailed individual-level panel data to answer important questions regarding the financial lives of individuals and households and how their decisions can affect individual's and society's welfare. Her current research analyzes transaction-level bank data, containing information on, e.g., income, expenditures, bank account balances, and consumer credit, that have been linked to experimental measures of individual preferences. She is also a member of the Icelandic fiscal policy council, and she has previously worked as a senior researcher for a Parliamentary Special Investigation Commission looking into the causes and events leading up to the fall of the Icelandic banking sector in 2008. 

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