Bernard Caillaud

Senior Research Officer, Ecole des Ponts - ParisTech; Associate Chair, Paris School of Economics; Research Fellow, CEPR

Bernard Caillaud is a Senior Research Officer of Ecole des Ponts - ParisTech, an Associate Chair at Paris School of Economics and a Research Fellow at CEPR. He holds a PhD from MIT (1988), he has been the Chairman of the Research Unit at Paris School of Economics, a Visiting Professor at the Haas School of Business at Berkeley and an Associate Professor at Ecole Polytechnique.

He has worked in the field of contract theory, the theory of organisations and political sciences, and the theory of industrial organisation; he has been Chief Editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organization (2005-2013). His current research focuses on the theory of auctions, market design and regulation applied to environmental issues and issues of favouritism and corruption, and on the theoretical models analyzing new business practices of the digital economy.

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