Bruno Frey

Permanent Visiting Professor, University of Basel.

Bruno S. Frey is Permanent Visiting Professor at the University of Basel. He was Professor of Economics at the University of Zurich from 1977-2012, Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Science at the Warwick Business School, UK from 2010-2013 and Senior Professor of Economics at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, Germany from 2013-2015. Frey is Research Director of CREMA – Centre for Research in Economics, Management and the Arts, Switzerland and Co-Founder of CREW - Centre for Research in Economics and Well-being at the University of Basel. He was Managing Editor, from 1969-2015, and is now Honorary Editor of Kyklos. Bruno Frey seeks to extend economics beyond the standard neo-classics by including insights from other disciplines, including political science, psychology and sociology.

He is the author of numerous articles in professional journals and books, including Not Just for the Money (1997), Economics as a Science of Human Behaviour (1999), Arts & Economics (2000), Inspiring Economics (2001), Happiness and Economics (2002) as well as Dealing with Terrorism – Stick or Carrot? (2004), Economics and Psychology. A Promising New Cross- Disciplinary Field (2007), Happiness: A Revolution in Economics (2008) and Glück: Die Sicht der Ökonomie (2010). He received an honorary doctorate in economics from the Universities of St. Gallen, Goeteborg, the Free University of Brussels, the University of Aix-en-Provence/Marseille and the University of Innsbruck

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