Carmine Guerriero

Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam

Carmine Guerriero is Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam, and Fellow of the Amsterdam Center for Law and Economics. After earning a master of arts from the University of Chicago and a master of sciences from the London School of Economics, he obtained his PhD in economics from the University of Cambridge. During 2009 he held a visiting position at the IEFE (Bocconi university). In 2007 the EARIE awarded him the Paul Geroski Prize for the most significant policy contribution at the EARIE annnual meeting in Valencia.

His theoretical and empirical works have covered a variety of topics: the political economy of incentive regulation and deregulation, the determinants of different public officials appointment rules, the evolution of legal systems (with a particular focus to those pertaining to the Civil and Common law tradition), and the origins of formal and informal law.

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