Cheng Chen

Job market candidate, Department of Economics, Princeton University

Cheng Chen is a job market candidate in the Department of Economics at Princeton University. His primary research areas include international economics, organisational economics, and applied theory. His job market paper investigates the impact of improvements in management quality on economic outcomes in the global economy. Cheng graduated from Nanjing University (China) in 2005, where he received a bachelor's degree in Japanese language. In 2006, he went to Hitotsubashi University (Japan) for further studies and received a master's degree in economics there. In 2009, Cheng came to the U.S. to start his Ph.D. career at Princeton University.

Cheng has participated in various professional activities. He has presented his papers at the Midwest International Economics Group Conference, the Asia Pacific Trade Seminars, and Hitotsubashi Conference on International Trade and FDI in the past few years. He published a paper in the Journal of International Economics in 2011 and is a referee for several leading journals such as JIE and JEEA.

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